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Actuell Version: SefBook 1.8 Stable <<Download>> In Development: Joomla Guestbook 1.0 Stable.

With the Hosting and SEO Forums and the PC Notdienst Magdeburg i earn my money and it has now Priotity. For your Website i have a Web catalogue. The Pages were delivered with mod_Pagespeed.

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Learning IT Assistent in Germany.


In development is the Joomla guestbook. SefBook 2.0 is a Joomla 1.0 guestbook. It has only the name changed .

Security images must be downloaded and installed separately in the download area . To use reCAPTCHA you must register once on .

We recommend the use of reCAPTCHA as the spam has no chance!

SefBook 1.8

· Bug with the timestamp removed

· Fixed a bug with the field name

· Cosmetic corrections

· New Installation GUI

My websites (both private and Commercial)

Clearly my favorite website is certainly  Psycho-Alex.. This is my first serious project . Was far too much work. However, it developed to some extent . The new Project ist

If you need a Joomla Webmaster here once you look past :

Joomla webmasters and search engine optimization ( SEO Joomla ) and the new Wild West side , which has now been completed with Joomla 3.x. If you prefer a religious thing certainly also learn about Jesus Christ or pantheism . The limit in my opinion, but already there is a conspiracy theory :-) . Nuclear energy and nuclear fusion are also topics interesting me and these are also a little project of mine.  For my dad, I have created 3 websites. First, the Tipi Village Bertingen and associated to his restaurant . Then, about a block house construction courses.

As a gamer I once built a PC Cheats Collection. Since I must, however, ran again , just as in the dormant free people search. My blog makes Joomla is also slow, but there is a lack of perseverance . HTML commands in the survey can be found here (Joomla 3). The Money Forum is for Experts in wealth. I´m a big Simpsons Fan. :-)

I myself have a query Pagerank programming , it is the current at the output pagerank check and other data of the website.

More are also willing as younger pages on social networks or apps. A diet and homeopathy counselor must. Be backed up with Akeeba Backup ALL these sites ! Locking fpr Camping in Germany? This is the right Site for you.

I wrote about love in general times , I find interesting the Kama Sutra or Tantra. About celebrities , there are also what to report , and there are to describe different styles of music.

Sandimann what is private . The Live Support Chat is open almost every day and my SEO blog needs a little more time .

For Silvester i have this page, which is just a little bit Spammy. Finally i have a new SEO Blog, which you find there: . For Germans it is importen to close an contract sometimes.

That's it for now , I still do not know how it goes .

your Alex

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